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Status Employment has 30 years’ experience in mental health and neurodiversity, supporting people to gain and retain employment. We are passionate about the impact a job – be it paid or unpaid – can have on our health and wellbeing for a better future
Employment Services

We believe in the value of employment and that everyone has the right to work

Training and Consulting

We deliver consultancy and innovative training on supported employment, self-employment, MHFA, charity commissioning and fundraising


Our innovative and successful projects focus on diversity and inclusion, delivering impactful long-term support


We deliver meaningful career support to those with short-term and long-term mental health challenges and people with disabilities, putting each client at the centre of our work

At our core:

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     Status Employment supports people going through the national therapy service IAPT in Lambeth to achieve their employment goals 

Enduring Mental Health

Status Employment supports those with mental health challenges in Lambeth and Croydon to achieve their employment goals

How it works

Once you have been referred to our service, we will contact you to arrange an initial appointment. This is an informal discussion about your situation and how we can help you. We can then allocate you a dedicated employment advisor, who will work with you to agree, plan, and achieve your goals. We support you in a personalised holistic way, empowering you to build the skills, confidence, and motivation to determine your own career path, which matches your needs and capabilities.

We do this by applying:

  • Supported Employment Model
  • Joined up thinking with IAPT


Please get in touch to speak to an advisor to learn more


We are not an emergency service. If you need urgent help, please contact your GP, The Samaritans on 116 123 or attend the Accident and Emergency Department of your local hospital (24hrs).

Mental Health First Aid

Status Employment deliver this highly effective mental health training and would love to tell you more. Get in touch to hear about our September -November workshops:

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Tara has really helped me to see my pre-existing skills and achievements are attractive to employers. She has inspired me to actually apply for new jobs, and not just look at them. Tara has helped me to feel less disheartened by the pandemic and to stop thinking that I won’t get another job because of the pandemic. Tara has helped me to see that my anxiety won’t get in the way of me working so long as I’m working for a a decent company doing something I enjoy.


I couldn’t have asked for better support. I always looked forward to speaking with Max. He made me feel heard, always understood my point of view and gave incredible advice that I was able to put in place. This came at such a low and anxious time in my life and I just couldn’t see a way forward. Following the support I received, I’m now back at work full time and making amazing progress. I couldn’t have imagined being in this position 3 months ago. I’m so grateful to Max for getting me here!


The balance of listening with practical advice and empathy was invaluable. This has been one of the toughest experiences of my life and I am truly grateful for the support.


Our new team member attended your 2 day MHFA training. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy the delivery and informative sessions, this additional knowledge has given her so much more confidence and insight into her role. We will definitely be booking the same training, with you, for any new teams members in the future!


I have learnt so much and feel better equipped in understanding mental health, and how it manifests in different stages. They answered all of the questions, and made me feel safe to share any vulnerabilities, and experiences. A great course and have recommended it to everyone I know so far!


Really great course covering issues that I believe are often overlooked. (Typically you would complete a physical first aid course, however, this seems more "modern" as it feels more relevant to the issues of today). It can be quite overwhelming when you can identify an issue that needs to be approached, but you don't quite know how to approach it/resolve/who to refer to. I am leaving this course with an increased knowledge of mental health and improved confidence in how I would react when trying to resolve an issue.


I have a long-term mental health condition and have been supported by Status Employment. They gave me support, advice and guidance, and accompanied me during meetings with my employer. I am so grateful as it has been such a stressful time, and it has made all the difference knowing that they have been there to support me, offer me guidance, and to know that I am not facing this alone.


If it wasn’t for Status Employment, I wouldn’t have my job today. They’ve supported me in every single way through my job search such as writing CVs and furthering my education. My adviser, Carol, has always been there for me no matter what. Her advice was practical and she was never judgemental.

Anonymous, London

I very much benefit from the support I have received. Especially I have felt that my confidence to try new things (e.g. Zoom) has improved. I do not feel pressured and feel that the limitations of my mental health problems have been understood while at the same time focusing on what I can do.


Status has changed my life and got my life back on track as well.

Anonymous, Croydon