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Status Employment demonstrates its own commitment to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Status Employment has recently signed the mindful employer charter. 

Unlike other accreditations or quality standards, the Charter for ‘Employers Positive about Mental Health’ is about recognising those employers working towards better mental health in the workplace, no matter where they are in their journey. Signing the Charter is completely voluntary and is not legally enforceable, nor does it require employers to have already met specific benchmark criteria. By signing the Charter, employers are simply making a public declaration of their ambition to support the mental wellbeing of their staff by agreeing to the following values

  1. To provide non-judgemental and proactive support to staff experiencing mental ill-health
  2. To not make assumptions about a person with a mental health condition and their ability to work
  3. To be positive and enabling toward all employees and applicants with a mental health challenge
  4. To support line managers in managing mental health in the workplace.
  5. To ensure they are fair in the recruitment of new staff in accordance with the Equality Act (2010)
  6. To make it clear that people who have experienced mental ill-health will not be discriminated against, and that disclosure of a mental health condition will enable both the employee and employer to assess and provide the right level of support or adjustment

“Its essential that we support the wellbeing of our staff as well as the clients we support. We must ensure that we have created and then maintain our own working culture that embraces difference and fosters positive mental health”

Warren Trunchion
Services Manager

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