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Mental Health Week

Businesswoman in hijab working on laptop at desk in a modern office

Mental Health Awareness Week has arrived in a year that has been testing for everyone given the pandemic and the many lockdowns. The majority of us have felt isolated from friends and families. As well as concern about Covid19 there have been some positives; everybody’s mental health has been spoken of much more openly with a realisation of how we all have to look after our own mental health.

Here at Status, we have had to move to helping our candidates online, delivering vocational workshops and moving some of our projects such as drama on digital platforms Which has been positively received by everyone. We are looking forward to a future where we can all meet again face to face while being able to adapt what we have learnt this year.

The one important lesson this year is to realise that this situation has affected everyone but that no one ‘person’s experience has been the same. We must keep trying to understand it, verbalising it, learning from and about it, and knowing we all have mental health – that it is a changing continuum for all and that we must support ourselves and others. That it has been so important to be kind to each other.

Status Employment will continue to strive to promote health, well-being and employment for all and endeavour to run projects that promote these important priorities, health well-being and employment.

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