CHEP - ‘Croydon Health and Employment Partnership’ Funded by Big Lottery and ESF

In partnership with Croydon Voluntary Action and other Croydon based Organisations to find local jobs for local people

Status Employment Who Are We?

Status Employment assists people with mental health issues to find and retain paid employment and supports individuals to achieve better quality of life through Health and Well-Being. We do this by assisting you to identify your skills and aspirations to support you into work or to move closer to work through education, training, social activities or volunteering.

We Provide:

  • Individual Support including:
    • Goal Setting
    • Job Searching
    • CV Writing
    • Job Applications
    • Interview Practice
  • Health and Well-Being Activities including:
    • Football Coaching
    • Football Matches
    • Other Physical Activities

To Move You Towards:

  • Paid Employment
  • Further Education
  • Training
  • Volunteering

Please contact Earlyne Jordan or Elaine Fidler

Earlyne Jordan
020 8655 3344
Elaine Fidler
020 8655 3344